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Volt Electric Bikes

Volt Electric Bikes

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Birdie Bikes stock a range of electric bikes (E-bikes).  Modern E-bikes can ride much like a normal one, but have the added advantage of pedal assist electric motors making the ride easier as and when needed, with the level of assistance being variable to suit individual riders and conditions.  They offer a great ride for all types of individuals and all levels of fitness.

The benefits of electric bikes are numerous and include:

  • An easy way to improve or maintain fitness;
  • A great method of commuting (saving money on fuel and parking);
  • Good for the environment;
  • Great fun to ride at any time.

Having tested and reviewed a number of E-bikes, we are currently offering a range from VOLT™.

VOLT™ offer a wide range of E-bikes and we stock a comprehensive range of these, sufficient to assist customers in making the correct choice. The range starts with the VOLT™ Metro (Folder) from £1149.00 rising to the VOLT™ Infinity at £2599.00.

Available now to view and try at Hampton.

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