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Repair Tariff

Full Gear Service                                             £20.00 (includes the fitting of related parts)
Gear Cable Fitting                                            £12.50 (per cable)

Full Brake Service (excl hydraulics)                 £20.00 (includes the fitting of related parts)
Brake Cable Fitting                                          £12.50 (per brake)
Brake Pads Fitting                                           £12.50 (per brake)

Full Hydraulic Brake Service                           £30.00 (includes fluid if needed)
Hydraulic Brake Service (single brake)           £20.00 (includes fluid if needed)

Wheel Truing                                                    £15.00 – £20.00
Wheel Re-Build (inc spokes)                           £39.99
We use DT Swiss stainless steel silver plain gauge spokes.  Should an alternative spoke be required an estimate can be provided upon request.

Front Puncture                                                £8.00 plus cost of inner tube
Rear Puncture                                                 £8.00 plus cost of inner tube
Puncture on a wheel separate to bike             £6.00 plus cost of inner tube
Pram Puncture                                                £8.00 plus cost of inner tube
Special Puncture                                             £15.00 plus cost of inner tube
These include punctures for electric bikes, bikes with fully enclosed chainguards, back-pedal brakes and some hub gears.

Tyre Fitting                                                     £8.00 plus cost of tyre

Rear Wheel Fitting                                          £12.50
Front Wheel Fitting                                         £10.00

Hub Service Front                                           £15.00
Hub Service Rear                                           £20.00

Building a New Bike
Adult                                                               £39.99
24″ Wheel                                                       £34.99
BMX/Single Speed Bikes                               £34.99
20″ Wheel and below                                     £29.99

New Bike First Service                                   £39.99
For bikes under 8 weeks old that are in need of fine tuning and adjustment.  A proof of purchase may be required to prove the bikes age.  All makes and models regardless f where there were purchased are welcome.

Bottom Bracket Service and/or Fitting           £20.00

Headset Service and/or Fitting                      £20.00

Front Forks Fitting                                         £20.00
Fitting is free if the forks are purchased from Birdie Bikes costing over £150.00.

Suspension Servicing                                    £POA
We are able to provide suspension fork servicing for Rockshox and Fox forks and/or rear shocks.  This is carried out by either SRAM (Rockshox) or Mojo (Fox).  Prices are available upon request and will include courier collection and return charges to Birdie Bikes.

Brompton Rear Bush Replacement               £70.00 (includes parts)

Minimum Workshop Charge                          £8.00

Fitting Accessories
£8.00 (one item supplied by Birdie Bikes)
£10.00 (two items supplied by Birdie Bikes)
£15.00 (three or more items supplied by Birdie Bikes)

Cannot see a price for a job that meets your requirements?  If not we can provide a detailed estimate upon request.  Please ask in-store for further details.

There is a £4.00 surcharge per item for parts and/or accessories fitted during a service and/or repair that are not supplied by Birdie Bikes.

Prices are for labour only and exclude parts unless stated.  Prices are inclusive of VAT at 20%.