For over ten years, Birdie Bikes has kept its local communities pedaling.

We have a fully equipped workshop with experienced mechanics and carry a comprehensive stock of spare parts.  Although we are normally very busy, we try to accommodate any emergency to enable the cyclist to continue their journey safely.

Most repairs can be turned round in about three days, but during the summer months it is best to book an appointment for a full service, but small jobs such as punctures are usually fitted in on the same day.  For those that rely on their bike daily, we offer a 24-hour repair service, which is subject to booking in advance.

All repair services offered are set at a standard rate.  These can be viewed by clicking the ‘Repair Tariff’ or ‘Service Tariff’ under the ‘Workshop’ tab above.  For those after something that little bit extra, estimates can be provided on request.  Written estimates can only be provided after examination of the cycle, for example after an accident or if a major refurbishment is required.

Please contact us for more information.


Repair Tariff

Full Gear Service                                             £20.00 (includes the fitting of related parts) Gear Cable Fitting                                            £12.50 (per cable) Full Brake Service (excl hydraulics)                 £20.00 (includes the fitting of related parts) Brake Cable Fitting                                          £12.50 (per brake) Brake Pads Fitting                                           £12.50 (per brake) Full Hydraulic Brake Service                           £30.00 (includes fluid if needed) Hydraulic Brake Service (single brake)           £20.00 (includes fluid if needed) …

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Sameday Servicing

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Servicing Tariffs

Bronze Service – £39.99 This Service excludes bicycles with hydraulic disc brakes and/or carbon frames. Our Bronze Service includes the following: -A full safety check -Tyres inflated -Brakes lubricated and adjusted -Gears lubricated and adjusted -All parts checked for correct fitting and tightened -The fitting of tyres, tubes and/or accessories -Advice on areas that may …

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